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A Monthly Donation of $15 can change a child’s life for the better.

Thao is the youngest child in a family of four children. Thao is hard-working and an excellent student. Thao has been living with her grandparents since she was just one. They are almost in their 80s, but her grandparents still try to earn money by making fabric shoes, earning 35,000 VND per day. 

Thao is now supported by saigonchildren and on the path to a brighter future. By joining the Anh Chi Em community, you can help change the lives of more children like Thao.

What is “Anh Chi Em”?​

Anh Chi Em, or “brothers and sisters” in Vietnamese, is a passionate group of monthly givers. People like you, giving what they can to put children on the path of education.  

Donate monthly and give at-risk youth the opportunity to reach their full potential and a better life.  

Your monthly gift will remove barriers to education in so many ways 


can give an at-risk child the chance to go to school for 1 month​


can support a vulnerable young adult through skill and vocational training for 1 month​​


can help a child with autism attend early intervention programs with specialists for 1 month


can provide essential books for a school library and training for teachers

Why being a part of Anh Chi Em matters?

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Help make Future Plans

Anh Chi Em member’s regular donations enable saigonchildren to have a better view of the future, form better strategy, and innovate in our approach to support education

Take a step Behind the Scenes

Your monthly commitment gives you a closer look at our work through exclusive updates and regular reporting of your impact 

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Be recognized for your generosity

Find your name down on our board below. Become a part of a community of Anh Chi Em that made a difference in the lives of so many children 

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Not ready to donate all at once?
Anh Chi Em’s monthly donation plan is for you

Donate based on your budget: Even small amounts can accumulate to make big impacts. Giving monthly can fit any kind of budget while maintaining a high level of positive change for the community  

Give the children continued supportYour regular gift can provide disadvantaged students reliable support right when and where they might need them the most. 

Our most heartfelt thanks to saigonchildren’s Anh Chi Em:

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