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A Monthly Donation of Any Amount can change a child’s life for the better.

L. had experienced the profound loss of both parents at an early age. After her maternal grandmother’s passing when she was only 11, L. had to navigate life alone. She resorted to performing the utterly dangerous fire-breathing tricks on the streets to sustain herself, finding temporary solace in an abandoned house within a slum area. Caring individuals noticed L.’s growing belly and extended their help in the form of food. A remarkable woman, who earned a meager living collecting and selling scraps, took L under her wing during her pregnancy. However, it was almost all she could do for L.

When our social worker became aware of the situation, L had already given birth and found herself in the hospital, devoid of financial means or insurance. Overwhelmed by the mounting expenses, L contemplated escaping from the hospital to avoid the financial burden. Recognising the urgency of the situation, saigonchildren swiftly mobilised the Anh Chị Em fund to support L, alongside personal contributions from our staff. The half of support covered the expenses of childbirth, with the remaining half to be disbursed gradually over the subsequent three months.

What is “Anh Chi Em”?​

Anh Chi Em, or “brothers and sisters” in Vietnamese, is a passionate group of monthly givers. Their donations will be distributed to help saigonchildren respond promptly to urgent matters that may arise in the lives of our children. This could involve providing urgent medical assistance, essential supplies, or any unforeseen circumstance happening to them or their primary caregivers.

Your monthly gift will ease the emergency cases in so many ways 


can cover the travel expenses from the Mekong Delta to Ho Chi Minh City for monthly recheck-ups for cases affecting schooling or family income


can support the monthly cost of essential medicines for cases undergoing treatment


can support the hospital stay cost in some specific situations

If you prefer to donate through bank transfer, you can set up monthly transfer within your bank with the following information:
  • Account name: Saigon Children’s Charity CIO
  • * Please replace with a space if you cannot type (‘)
  • Account number: 001-010800-141
  • Bank: HSBC Bank (Vietnam) Ltd.
  • Bank’s address: The Metropolitan 235 Dong Khoi St, District 1, TP. HCM
  • Note: Anh Chi Em – [your name] – [email] – [phone number]

Why being a part of Anh Chi Em matters?

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Help make Future Plans

Anh Chi Em member’s regular donations enable saigonchildren to have a better view of the future, form better strategy, and innovate in our approach to support education

Take a step Behind the Scenes

Your monthly commitment gives you a closer look at our work through exclusive updates and regular reporting of your impact 

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Share your stories, motivate others, and be inspired in return. Join like minded Anh Chi Em and spread the positivity.

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Not ready to donate all at once?
Anh Chi Em’s monthly donation plan is for you

Donate based on your budget: Even small amounts can accumulate to make big impacts. Giving monthly can fit any kind of budget while maintaining a high level of positive change for the community  

Give the children continued supportYour regular gift can provide disadvantaged students reliable support right when and where they might need them the most. 

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